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Project Leaders in Manchester

Project Leaders in Manchester

“Creating a workforce that are collaborative and can offer ideas and solutions to aid others is vital to the success of a business,” that was the big team take-away from Construction Director, Anthony Judge following a productive NW Project Leaders meeting.

This month the North-West Project Leaders met at the Malmaison Site in Manchester City Centre to partake in a tour led by Aaron Williams, Project Manager and Gary Osbourne, Senior Site Manager.

Discussion centred around how the site has progressed and Key Milestones the project is on target to achieve.

Andy Young, Project Manager on Hythe at Wirral Waters said that the business really benefitted from sharing best practice.

He said: “Having a physical forum to interact with some of the other GMI Project Managers is fantastic. Not only do you get to have an inside look into other interesting projects, it also opens your eyes to different methods you could be using on your project.”

GMI’s SHE team also updated the Project Leaders on Monthly Results, Forecasts and Areas of Focus for Health, Safety and the Environment, such as the upcoming HSE Blitz Campaign set to run through the month of October.

Karl Wilson, Regional SHE Advisor, said: “The North-West Division have had no accidents or incidents across any of our projects in the period since the last Project Leaders meeting, which is something that the team should be incredibly proud of.”

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