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Rising Up at 111 Piccadilly

Rising Up at 111 Piccadilly

Despite being one of the smallest monetary jobs on the books, 111 Piccadilly is not a project that should be overlooked. The shear skill and expertise that has gone into getting out of the ground is remarkable.

Constructing a new glass lift shaft on the side of a live 17-storey office directly over the active waterway, Rochdale Canal, is not an easy task. Now at the tenth level of scaffold, Colin O’Gara and his team are making fantastic progression with the steel.

Colin, 52, is leading the intricate city-centre project, currently implementing its tenth Temporary Works Design.

Being agile and working together with our dedicated supply chain, has become business as usual at 111.

Colin has had to implement several strategic improvisational methods with the ‘high-risk job’ over recent months to keep the project moving.

“The real work was getting out of the ground,” Colin said.

“You would think the major complexities are around the erecting the steel or the scaffold, but that’s not been the case.

“The big challenge was digging 3.2 metres below the water-level just to start constructing the elevated lift shaft.”

The original Architects of 111 Piccadilly, who developed the building back in 1965, faced major issues when constructing the building as it sits on eight large columns that carry it above the Rochdale Canal.

Similar issues have arisen with the GMI build as the platform above the waterway, being used as the GMI site set-up and car park, has required installation of a full steel structure and concrete supports to get the hoist operational and ensure the platform is able to handle the additional weight.

“The project is now up to it’s tenth Temporary Works Design, which shows just how complex the project really is”, Colin told us.

Colin has a vast mechanical, construction and innovation background, which has largely assisted on this complex project.

Following owning a Plant Hire Company in the UK and Ireland, Colin has more recently focused on developing innovative products and solutions for the industry including Deckset, Pinsafe and BoltCracker Devices (websites below). Some of which, are being utilised with new Industrial and Logistics Development, Magnitude in Middlewich.




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